Fat is GOOD!!?!


OHHHH the papers today are saying that eating fat is good for you!

What a Revelation!



Seriously, this isn’t news.  What it seems to be is lack of knowledge – so spread it around, like some real grass-fed butter over a Paleo pancake! 🙂

See the photo above for an idea on “good fats” – no, butter isn’t the enemy, “low-fat spreads” made from the same material as plastic – that, is the enemy if you want to be healthy.

Eat clean, real food and be active, that’s the super recipe for health..

Focus on good fats like olive oil, avocados and some nuts, they are roven to be good for you in moderation. We focus too much on saturated fats and tend to group fat as fat, but they aren’t all created equally.

Include real butter and coconut oil in your cooking, seriously, cook EVERYTHING with Coconut oil which will cover your saturated fats, add this to a meal with good quality lean protein and a big helping of veg and you have a pretty awesome recipe for a healthy diet.  Try to get some oily fish in your diet, if it doesn’t give you “the boke”, to get in those essential omega 3’s.

Conveniently the wonder that is Coconut oil is on groupon today – this is a mega bargain!! Snap it up HERE

Ps. Paleo Pancake Recipe is HERE – if yours ever look like this then I want proof. These taste amazing but always look rubbish when I make them!

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