How to stick to ‘the (healthy) plan’?

Fail to prepare then prepare to fail.


Firstly – make a plan. YOUR plan – not anyone else’s.

 “Oh my friend wants me to go on this awesome new diet – it’s just £4000 a week and someone comes to your house every hour and puts fairy drops on your tongue, she lost 50 stone in the first week.”
Nope – she didn’t

Nope – you won’t.


Plan Plan Plan!

Plan your week ahead. Which workouts you can attend on the BeachFit Timetable, whether it is INSANITY or Bootcamp or both. Book in, once booked its harder to allow yourself to quit! (It’s not worth having to read the Facebook rant about people not showing up!) Pay for your classes in advance. This helps you to stick to the plan – it’s hard to not turn up when you’ve already paid for it!
Stick to the plan!
Yes – plans change, yes of course sometimes you have to work late but “I can’t come tonight I forgot to bring Socks with me” – isn’t a valid excuse. If you feel the need to make up excuses as to why you aren’t going to class – ask yourself why you booked in at all? Are you giving up on YOUR plan already? Or do you feel the need to have an excuse so your instructor “feels better” or you have a justification for not coming? NEWSFLASH – your instructor will respect you more for rocking up barefoot to INSANITY because you forgot your damn shoes. You’ll get double (HA!) respect for rocking up and doing jumping jacks with your arms folded ‘cos you forgot your sports bra. Listen up – excuses are for you – to justify the fact you can’t be bothered. Be honest with yourself. Can’t make class because you are just too tired and INSANITY or BOOTCAMP might just tip you over the edge – that’s completely and utterly fine. Bravo! for listening to your body and letting it have some down time. This isn’t an excuse, its being sensible.
Got stuck at work and couldn’t make class on time? Go home and pump out a home workout – make it up, 15 mins of sweating on your living room/bedroom floor (keep it clean!), having the neighbors wonder what the hell all the banging is, is better than “Oh well I didn’t make class, I’ll eat a tub of Phish food and watch Corrie” (it’s possible to do both actually, but not at the same time)

Plan your food.

Think ahead for meals. Do a ‘big shop’, maybe at the weekend, then spend a Sunday evening cooking and preparing. If you bulk cook, you can freeze individual portions to use later in the week. The key is to make a few different things. No one wants to eat the same things, everyday, forever. BORING!! Mix it up but just make a lot where possible so you have dinner planned. Why not get some nibbles/ingredients from HERE to help keep food interesting.

Two Major falls from the wagon are:

1. Coming home for INSANITY or Bootcamp and being super Hungry (hAngry)– and you need to eat something NOW or you’ll eat someone’s first born instead. So what do you do? Grab the first thing you can get your hands on – the biscuit cupboard, something sweet to give you a quick fix. Guess what – you just undid all that glorious hard work and sweat by stuffing your face with have a family bar of Galaxy and a sharing** bag of Revels and they didn’t even touch the sides – your still starving so you better get on with making dinner…

2. You are doing great with healthy dinners in the evening but the office/work is just too busy I only get time to grab a sandwich from the shop. What about the leftovers form last nights dinner? Or the food you prepped on Sunday? Most places of work have a microwave is something needs to be reheated. Or save yourself a bunch of cash and mountains of salt (check the labels on those prepacked sandwiches and tell me how much salt/Sodium they contain) by making your own sandwiches, or a wrap, maybe even a salad? The point is – think ahead, plan where you will be, how long you’ll be and what you can bring to eat. Nipping into the local shop to grab a sandwich, chances are you’ll get a meal deal as well with a bag of crisps and another Galaxy bar? Or a bottle of Coke!! Plan ahead and avoid temptation. Sometimes you have an office lunch but stick to the plan you made. I know having a dominos delivered to the office to celebrate the new contract or the leftover Birthday cupcakes someone brought in can be tempting. Stay strong, stick to YOUR plan!! Yes you might feel like a loser with your Tupperware box of salad that seems more and more tasteless with every nibble compared to everyone else eating the stupid pizza that smells amazing, but how smug will you feel that you resisted? How about a trade-off? I don’t eat any of that pizza or the chicken nuggets or the free coke they sent with the order or those brownies that look amazing ‘cos they’ve even warmed them up!! NO! Resist it, go to INSANITY, then when you get home, have a HUMUNGOUS(moderate) glass of wine and post about it on Facebook because you have the most willpower on the planet, EVER, and you need the world to know!!!

Ask for help!

If you are struggling with getting into a routine, have run out of ideas for good foods to eat, find that your interest is dwindling then ASK! Put out a comment on the BeachFitBootcamp page. Send me a private message. Everyone is on the road to somewhere whether they are a hardcore fitness fanatic or a casual watcher of their own health or somewhere in between. Everyone has ideas, needs help and/or can offer their own advice and stories that might help you refocus or give you some inspiration.

Move more, eat less unhealthy stuff and stick to YOUR plan.

** I personally take the word “Sharing” on the packaging as a suggestion, certainly not a necessity.

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