logo-spartan  Morning!

I just wanted to let you know that there is a pretty awesome race in Mid July, just outside Edinburgh.

Looks like a whole lot of fun and with it being mid-July, its just bound to be sunny, hot and summery in Scotland! 🙂


You can enter as an individual or as a team of 4 plus, in fact the more people on your team, the cheaper it is to enter.  I highly recommend it as a fun fitness day out, I’m sure you have all heard of obstacle races, maybe wondered what it would be like? Well, challenge yourself, guilt your pals into it, even if they haven’t been to a class with us, the more the merrier.  I would happily get some special T-shirts printed up for a team.

The SPARTAN race is on July 18th and 19th.  There are a few options and I’ve very kindly been sent a discount code for 10% off which you can feel free to use: BLOGGER15 

The code isn’t restricted to the Scottish race, should you which to visit a different location.

As far as training goes, this is dependent on the option you choose but INSANITY and OUTDOOR BOOTCAMP @ Inverleith Park, will certainly make you fit enough and help prepare you for the challenge.  If a few people are interested I am happy to help with training tips etc…

There is plenty of time to prepare between now and July.

Man up – Challenge yourself – have fun!!!


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