Staying fit and healthy

As we become increasingly more aware of our need to stay fit and healthy, we chase the next goal to help us achieve this, trying out a new class; googling a new routine to follow at the gym, signing up to a challenge whether it’s a triathlon, half or full marathon or simply trying to use the gym facilities as they are intended instead of just popping in to use the amazing showers!


But with all of this hard work sometimes our bodies need a rest. For some, this is a complete day off exercise and pushing your body to its limit, for others it is active recovery. At BeachFit Bootcamp, we know that rest is important, results will only show when your body is given the chance to quietly deal with all that hard work you’ve put in.


What can I do to let my body recover?

  1. Stay hydrated.

Your body needs water, particularly when it is fighting hard to repairs your muscles from that last tough workout. Help it out, increase your water intake.

  1. Sleep

Sleep is vital to body repair. Get your recommended amount of hours and let your body do its magic healing, overnight!

  1. Eat

Fill yourself up with seasonal veggies and good quality meat. Protein helps repair the body, vegetables give us important nutrients to keep you healthy. Reward your bodies hard work by fuelling it with good quality, nutritious foods.

  1. Get a massage

Regular massage can help to ease the stresses and strains of everyday life, but from an exercise perspective, it can help to prevent injury. Got a little niggle from that run you did last week? Then maybe a good massage will help ease those tightened muscles and allow the issue to heal, don’t push through the pain, get it looked at.

  1. Active recovery

Does the thought of a day away from your lycra give you the fear? Then do some active recovery. An activity that isn’t as tough on the body as your normal training. A PiYO class is perfect for this. No impact, no jumps or weights, just a great sweaty workout with lots of stretching that will aid your recovery, help make you more flexible (who doesn’t want to be more bendy), whilst still burning fat and working up a sweat. If the slow pace of yoga or pilates frustrates you then try PiYO. It’s a fast paced, yoga and pilates inspired workout, new to the UK and launching with Beach Fit Bootcamp on June 9th at the Calton centre on Montgomery Street, Edinburgh.


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