Burpee and stuff challenge

FYI I didn’t know lent was 44days long and ended on a Thursday when I mentioned this. I’m still going to Easter Sunday for Chocolate challenge, hopefully!!


1. Space these out through the day

2. Chest to floor unless you have been coming to insanity classes for less than 2 months

3. Push ups from knees is fine.

4. The planks are timed efforts, if you drop after 20 seconds then you just get right back up again and keep trying until the time is up.

5. You need to make yourself accountable. Join the Facebook page/chat and check in and join the misery

6. This is going to be tough.

7. Be supportive

8. Any exercises completed during classes count towards your daily total.

9. Anyone who completes this challenge will be rewarded.

10. If I complete it, you must nominate someone to reward me! 🙂


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