So far so good….

So it’s lunchtime on day one of my official non chocolate eating challenge although it has been 5 days since I had chocolate, I suspect I’ll use these as an excuse later down the line for any ‘blips’ but we shall see.

So at 1pm as I rest against the wall on my lunch break, waiting in the microwave queue (sigh). I decided to also mention that I have committed to do more flexibility work. I have a recurring back issue that flares up from time to time. Last Christmas this resulted in a muscle relaxant induce flight to Miami, as I’d popped it and couldn’t bend my leg without fear of passing out. I couldn’t miss my holiday so I had some terrific medication. Thus resulting in me vowing to be careful and do lots of mobility for ever and ever.

Until one day I didn’t and the next and the next. So it’s happened again, on a lesser scale but the message is the same, STOP, SLOW DOWN, TAKE SOME CARE OF YOURSELF. 

The exact message I would give to anyone of my classes goes, PT clients or the lady in tesco telling me about her sore ankle as she tries to skip me in the self service til queue (no, not happening pal, get yourself a white cane and I’ll think about it)

And so I have signed up to something called romwod. Essentially yoga ish/mobility videos posted each day that you can follow along to in your living room. I did my first one yesterday and I loved it.

I hammer my body and it rewards me by putting up with it. I ache and hurt and I keep going and keep pushing and now, again, I’ve pushed too far and it’s forced me to stop. It’s hard for me to stop. It’s tough for me to admit I can’t do that just now. I’ll be all over the burpee challenge when I’m better, but I’m rearranging my priorities. I’m reducing my number of classes (not beachfit, but other classes I committed to). This is a challenge in itself, admitting that I need to do this.

However, I will make time to reward my body for all the sh1t I put it through. Lifting weights, lack of sleep, tuck jumps, more weights, more tuck jumps, bad food. I’ve addressed the quick grab, bad food, and got the rewards with fat loss and energy levels and so it’s on to the next section to stretch, reward and relax by poor beaten body.

I can’t workout right now so I’ll romwod each day to aid recovery then I’ll start working out and strengthening and i’ll commit to romwod 3 to 4 times a week.

Again, accountability. I’m putting it out there so I’ll maybe stick to it! Let’s see how it goes! 🙂

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