Repost : Regain your MOJO

Have you lost your exercise mojo? Finding it hard to get back to exercise after a break? Well here are a few thoughts to get you back on it.


Feeling Guilty

You probably feel pretty bad about quitting your exercise program and you might be afraid the instructor will give you some grief for being missing in action if you are normally front and centre in every class. Stop feeling guilty! It won’t help your frame of mind, your instructor is just glad you are back and trying to get back on track. BeachFit bootcamp is all about making classes fun and enjoyable whilst helping you to reach your goals. Judgment really isn’t our thing – useless you half-ass your way through class or have several strategic “emergency lace tie situations” during the tough moves.  You’ve been out of the exercise loop for a bit – don’t be so hard on yourself.  You need to take a break during class?  Do it. Stop being so hard on yourself and build it up gradually, depending on how long you’ve been off, you may feel like you’ve lost your cardio fitness or you’ve gained weight, stop focusing on where you were and focus on now.  One day at a time and getting back into a routine, the place where you “used to be” isn’t far off. A little hard work and focus is all it takes.

Find a workout buddy

One of the best ways to jump-start any exercise program after a break is to find a work-out buddy! Bring along a friend or relative and let them go through the same torture you are. You can then compare notes afterwards and have a giggle at the fact it really wasn’t that bad after all. During the first few weeks, it can be hard to stay motivated to go and you might be tempted to skip a day and go back to your non-active ways, if your buddy wasn’t there to keep you honest! It is much harder to make excuses to someone who you know will pull you up on any fibs or Bullsh*t excuses! Remember, too, that you provide that same motivation to your work-out buddy, so you’re both important for each other’s success and fully accountable for any slacking!

Treat yourself

Sometimes all it can take is a little retail therapy to get you back on track. Get some fancy new trainers or new shorts – you can’t show them off at home so you’ll have to get yourself to a class so everyone can admire the new gear – it’s all about the kit, after all. Check out a local sportswear company – sportswear for active people

Try something new

Sometimes it’s a good idea to start off with something fun and new. You don’t have to stick to that old routine, adding a new class can help to mix up that old way of life and add a new spark of interest to get you back to where you want to be. PiYo is perfect for this – the latest addition to the BeachFit timetable, PiYo is a low impact, high Intensity class that is super sweaty but fun. Unlike anything you have tried before, it will keep you o your toes and have you hooked to come again and again.

Get some inspiration

What would work for you? Go read some success stories online about people who have lost weight through diet and exercise – if they can do it, why can’t you?? Watch out for fake stories peddling some daft “quick fix” or “Supplements”. Have a browse on the BeachBody facebook page and website and see some of the winners of the weight loss competitions etc. Instagram is full of helpful and motivating people, some of them make a living off it. Lots of people are posting their workout routines, diets and motivational tips. Have a look at @thisgirlcanuk @paleomg @gymmemesofficial (‘cos I find it funny) @fitandfunky @nomnompaleo @shauntfitness


Just bloody do it!

Stop whining, rationalizing, and thinking about it and just do it! Get you ass back to it. You’ll feel better once you’ve stopped procrastinating and just get it done. What better idea is there than shutting your pie hole with all the excuses and just going and getting it done. The first one is the worst, then it gets easier and then you are back in the routine, do it – go – book it and do it.

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