Complete this sentence: This week I will ……….

The very first thing you learn at PT school is ‘Don’t kill anyone, it’s bad for business.’ The second thing is goals. Short term and long term and the difference.  You need a goal, something to aim for, generally in life. I need to finish my degree, long term goal,when you are in your first year and have 3 years of booze and partying ahead of you. Before that can happen there are short term goals, I need to pass this semester or drill it down more, I needed to not fall asleep in my database exam and have to resit it in the Summer (just me!?). 

We can relate this to everyday life, uni, study, career so why would you not apply it to your health? The key is to be realistic.

I want to be super skinny by next week because I have a night out and my ex might be there with his new loser lady and I need to be skinnier than her. Not. The.point. Stay at home and stalk them on Facebook, again, because I can’t help you. Also, you crazy!

On the other hand, we have:

I want to spend the next 70 days shredding my body to its full potential without starving myself, but with actual willpower, determination and sheer stubbornness. As well as writing s blog about it everyday! 
If you aren’t following Bex and her blog/progress yet, you should, but more on that later…..
So set yourself a goal, drop a dress size, run a 10k, buy a pair of uber jazzy leggings that you want to fit into without looking like you’ve been through the sausage machine your sister bought you for Christmas. Then, once decided, set yourself some targets inbetween, things that will give you that ‘win’. The little boost to keep you on track, to keep you motivated and accountable to your overall goal.


This week I will…..

…Try an INSANITY class, because I’ve been thinking about it and keep putting it off.

…Go to PiYo because I fancy something new.

…Go to an outdoor Bootcamp class with BeachFit Bootcamp

….Go to class on Saturday to be a bit different 

….Avoid eating chocolate at all costs.
For me, This week I will ….. sweat more than last week.

My short term goal to achieve my ever chased long term goal. My back has finally stopped niggling and aching. I’m starting to feel like I’m not completely broken, so this week I’ll be going as hard at the gym as my body allows me to. I will concentrate on keeping my back protected and mobile. I will end the week injury free and stronger, but probably hobbling from DOMs.
Set a goal and then set some smaller, short term, achievable little ‘wins’. Concentrate on those little ones and the big one will just creep up on you with you having to worry about it.

Later….That awesome blog by Bex can be found HERE

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