Cheat day Carnage


So you had a cheat meal/day/week….  It’s fine. It happens. You enjoyed it and now you have the guilt.

Stop feeling guilty and move on. It’s done and dwelling on it won’t change it.

Here are some tips on coping with what just happened!

1.  Stop Eating You Pie!  It’s easy to think, frig it, I’ve started that family sized bag of Malteasers, I may as well finish them and then they are done and i’ll move on. Stop! Let’s do some sort of damage control here. Just put them away. Hide them where you can’t see them. If you know you can still hear them calling you from the cupboard, then bin them! I once had a client tell me she couldn’t stop eating biscuits so she put them in the bin and poured milk over them so she couldn’t rummage them out later. Genius! All of those calories add up and your body then has to figure out what to do with all of the extra calories you just scoffed so let’s limit the damage shall we?

2. If it doesn’t belong to you then you can’t eat it! I just ate my flatmates peanut butter magnum but I’ll buy another one. Emmmm, no. It’s not yours. You are now a pie and thief, let’s face it, you wouldn’t survive in prison so quit that immediately!

3. Forgive yourself.  We all enjoy a good old emotional binge, eat too much and have bad days.  Don’t beat yourself up.  It’s just one day. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else. Compare yourself to how you felt last week when you where attending classes and eating correctly.

4. Replace your pity party with a plan.  Get rid of the negative self hatred, what will it achieve? Talk to a friend and let them know you need some extra motivation! Message Beach fit bootcamp and get some ass kicking motivation! *Step away from the Chinese conveyor belt*.

4. Execute your plan!  This means when you get up the next day, get your shit together and get ready to sweat.  The next day, the best workout is any workout.  Get working and sweat out all that badness and you’ll feel epic! 

5.  Fuel your digestive system with something easy and clean. Veg and loads of water! High fiber, no meat, and again, drink a ton of water!!!! Get that nutribullet out of the cupboard and go nuts!

6. How about you stop eating an hour earlier than you normally do? Give your digestive system a chance. In addition go to bed and hour earlier! Wake up refreshed and ready to rinse and repeat.


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