Get outside – it’s good for you.


Whether it’s bootcamp, a PT session or just going for a brisk walk through the park. Getting outside has so many benefits, yes, it’s Scotland but let’s make the most of our fabulous Inverleith Park (other parks are available) and get outside! Screw you winter, here we come!!

Here are some benefits of getting your sweat on, outside:

Exercising outdoors makes you happier – FACT

Even if it’s hammering rain, or maybe especially if is hammering rain, you get a real sense of achievement from exercising outdoors. Just five minutes of exercise in a ‘green space’ – such as your local park – is enough to make you feel happier and less stressed. The effect may be due to the oxygen boost from fresh air, which encourages production of the feel-good brain chemical serotonin.

Exercising outside also creates greater feelings of revitalization, energy, and positive thinking than does working out indoors.


You’ll burn more calories outdoors

Exercising in the open air isn’t just a mood-booster: you’ll also see quicker results from your workout. The reason being that exercising outside puts more demands on your body. No matter how many fancy settings there are on your treadmill or exercise bike, they can’t totally replicate the varied terrains and weather conditions you’ll encounter outside, factor in wind resistance, warmer temps (the body works harder to keep cool) and other external factors you can burn 5-7% more calories than a standard indoor gym session.

It’s also hard to replicate running downhill in a gym, which means your leg muscles don’t get the same all-over workout they would outdoors. With BeachFit’s outdoor bootcamp we use equipment that is available in the gym as well as everyday outdoor items that can be incorporated into a fitness regime. There is nothing quite like the lung busting burn of a few travelling uphill burpees, or downhill powerbag lunges.


You’ll have healthier bones

From about the age of 35, we naturally start to lose bone density so are more at risk from osteoporosis. Vitamin D is a key player in the fight against the bone-thinning disease because it regulates our bodies’ calcium and phosphate levels, ensuring healthy bones and teeth. And where do we get most of our vitamin D from? Sunlight!.


Save Money  savemoney

Gym memberships aren’t cheap. They can drain your bank account — which can feel like a real waste if you’re more of a no-show than gym rat.

Cut your fitness bills and come outside. With a PAYG option as well as a monthly ‘pass’ option specifically designed to help you save money, BeachFit Boopcamps classes may be the answer to your problems!


Ask yourself – What would you rather do on a Sunny spring or summer evening (no, not drink wine!) spend it in a sweaty gym or come outside for an hour to workout in the sun BEFORE nipping the nearest wine selling establishment?

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