What do I need to wear, should I bring anything with me?

INSANITY is an incredibly sweaty workout, wear light gym clothing, good trainers and bring water and a towel for sweat.  The floors can get slippery with all that sweat so the towel can be a good idea to place under your hands.

In the winter, during outdoor classes, wearing layers is great, these layers soon come off as the workout gets going! Gloves is also a VERY good idea.

I’m coming straight from work is there anywhere I can leave my things?

Both the indoor centres offer loos/changing facilities.  If you have to get changed, factor this into your arrival time – coming into the class incredibly late is annoying for everyone, that being said, sometimes it can’t be helped! 🙂

For outdoors class the instructor will look after your personal items for you while you are having the workout of your life!

The weather isn’t very good today will the outdoor class still be on?

If you have booked in for the class the class WILL be on regardless of the weather, Hail, Rain or Shine.

After working out in the rain you are gong to feel extremely good about yourself, maybe even a little smug!

Does the monthly option also include the outdoors classes?

Yes ALL BeachFit Bootcamp classes are included in the £40 per month option.

Why do I need to book in for classes?

We cap the class numbers in an attempt to keep the workouts more personal and fun, should classes get over subscribed we will operate a waiting list for some of our popular classes. In the rare event that no one has booked in for a particular class, the class may be cancelled. Any class cancellations will be announced on our facebook page so it’s a good idea to ‘like’ it to keep an eye on what is going on.

What happens if I need to cancel my booking?

First off please inform us as we will most likely have a waiting list of participants that will want to take your place. We do however operate a 24 hr cancellation policy, cancellations received before this point will not be charged but if cancelled within this time limit the session will be marked as used.

Do you offer Personal Training Packages?

Yes. If you don’t feel ready for a group class or want to push on to the next level, personal training may be the answer. One-2-One training is available or bring a friend and split the price.

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